Samrat Plywood Limited introduces SAMRAT EQUAL, Calibrated Ply

Samrat EQUAL, Calibrated Ply introduced by the company, is a type of plywood which has uniform thickness all across the edges with a very smooth surface all across. The process of pressing this type of plywood is called 4 press technology. Along with using the Vaccum Pressure technology (VPT) and Pre Pressed Technology, four press…


Samrat’s High Pressure Laminates is one of the most reliable, durable and cost effective decorative surface material. It is composed of kraft paper, decorative paper with solid colours or designs. It is finished with a protective layer and can have design accents or other decorative features printed on it. The decorative film used in HPL…

HPL Exterior Cladding

HPL Exterior Cladding What is HPL exterior cladding? HPL Exterior Cladding is the cladding usually 6mm thick and is paper based product with a protective layer making it weatherproof. Where is HPL exterior cladding used? It is mainly used in exteriors on facades, main gates, outskirts, courtyards and other locations exposed to the environment. Which…