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Well, the paints are fabulous. But why settle for only colors when you can add texture, drama, and elements to your wall, all at once. Wall cladding in this age of enchanting and beguiling decor serves the purpose of much more than being an insulating material. Internal wall cladding adds the element that alleviates the appeal of your decor by multi-folds. 

Step up your game of home decor by making intelligent choices. There are tons of Internal wall cladding designs available on the Internet. They are cost-effective, strong, durable, and, most importantly, optimistic. From minimalist to Bohemian to contemporary, an internal wall cladding alternative is available to suit your decor theme. So what makes you choose plaintiff paint even today? 

At Samrat Cladage, we have paved our way in the premium segment of wall cladding. Our extensive range of wall cladding portfolios is crafted for indoor and outdoor needs specifically. We will tell you about the top 5 internal wall cladding alternatives best for your bedroom through this blog read:

  1. Stone Cladding
  2. Wood Cladding
  3. Metal Cladding
  4. Marble cladding
  5. Upholstered wall cladding
  1. Stone Cladding

Stone walls have slowly become a prominent internal wall cladding choice by leading decorators. They add a vintage appeal to your room without making it look dull or rustic. Moreover, since we choose a color palette to cater to our needs, they can go quickly with every theme. Therefore, stone walls can give your minimalist and contemporary decor theme an edge and appeal. 

2. Wood Cladding

We don’t think that the decor industry is ever going to get done with wood. Although woods are used for centuries in the decor segment, their use and diversity have evolved consistently over the years. Wood can add an appeal of tranquility almost instantly and seamlessly. It goes perfectly with your traditional simple decor theme; however, it is suitable for almost all decor themes when inculcated smartly. 

3. Metal Cladding

Within the decor segment, metal and its use are entirely undermined for years. However, they are slowly finding prominence within the decor segment for their versatile nature, exquisite properties, and comprehensive choices. It breathes an entirely new life into your room when used as an internal wall cladding. Layered with texture, color, and oomph, it can simply brighten up the mood and appeal of any space. If you have been obsessing over smooth, sleek minimalist decor themes, Metal cladding is an elegant choice for you. 

4. Marble Cladding

Marbles and elegance go hand in hand; there is no denying this fact. With resin alternatives and enthralling color palettes to choose from, marble cladding is the internal wall cladding alternative you shouldn’t miss. They add a texture and element to your room with their unparalleled appeal and charm. Even in its most simplistic form, marble is enough. You don’t need layers of elements to bring out its edge. 

5. Upholstered Wall Cladding

Who said fabric couldn’t make its way to the walls? Well, upholstered walls are in vogue and for all right reasons. The stately and magnanimous appeal it adds to your wall is unparalleled. It gives a luscious rich feel to your decor theme and, when textured appropriately, is going to make your home decor nothing less than royal. 

Well, summing up, internal wall cladding isn’t as expensive as you have considered them to be. Wall cladding can be cost-effective- however, the question is, are you willing to replace your simple paints with textured walls? We would surely recommend doing so. Because let’s face it- We don’t like Boring. So add an element of excitement, be it subtle or loud, with your choice of internal wall cladding. 

Couldn’t you decide the better choice for yourself? Let the experts help you make smart choices for your home. 

Samrat Cladage

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